“Genuine Taste Burgers” this is our job, make the food time a good experience for everyone.

Everything is Home-made

‘Hamburger’ya” is a new concept to bring the taste of genuine burgers straight from the kitchen. By adding the fresh ingredients and aroma of onions, cheese, and beef bacon into a soft yet crispy bun. it’s sure to entertain your appetite.

The Premium Beef Steak

Don’t take a chance on bland and dry beef steak. Juicy and tender is the way to go. And this is exactly why we use marinades. The result is a succulent and tasty meal that everyone will enjoy!

FLavor Of INdonesia

Indonesia may be the 8th largest country in the world, but when it comes to food, it’s much bigger—and much tastier—than that.

Tacos Tuesday

Tacos Tuesday is dedicated to authentic street-style tacos, high-quality ingredients, and friendly service. We will make sure every Taco Tuesday is exciting, fresh, and fun.

Small Plates

These small bites are bold enough to make you pause for a moment of real flavor.

Our Sweets

The ultimate dessert is just moments away with our fun recipes for your sweet treat.


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